Sunday, March 20, 2011

Score at the thrift store!

Twice a year, a local thrift store has a $5 bag sale. Excluding only books and jewelry, you can load up a brown paper grocery bag with as much as you want and take it away for five smackers.

Here's what I got last week:
  •  two shirts for The Commander to wear for yard work
  •  two pairs of Old Navy cords for the baby
  •  a fur collar for a charity project
  • Villager 100% virgin wool, handcrafted sweater
  • Flax linen jacket
  • Talbot's brown jersey pants
  • new, handknit child's sweater
  • 6+ yards blue cotton fabric
  • 3+ yards pink cotton fabric
  • 3 pieces of clothing just for the funky belt and buttons - chunky plastic, wooden and abalone
all this for $5!
I think a scored a pretty good deal. Not the best ever, but not bad! 
What's the best deal you've gotten at a thrift store?