Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A play kitchen for AJ

before ~ $12.99 at Goodwill
Our grandson is curious, inquisitive and oh, so imaginative. The Frugal Granny thought he might enjoy a play kitchen for Christmas and she was right! This was a fun project to make, and I learned a lot along the way. The main thing I learned is that solid wood is a lot easier to work with than laminate, but not as easy to find while thrifting. I didn't notice it in person, but looking at the photos, I see that I do not like the curtain, so that will be changed on my next visit, and a back-splash will be installed.

after ~ complete with family photos on the 'fridge

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

AJ's new workbench

My one and a half year old grandson, AJ, loves to shadow his Daddy, The Engineer, doing jobs around the house. I thought AJ would enjoy a workbench of his own, and made one from this nightstand I bought for $3.00 at our local Habitat for Humanity Thrift Store. I also had to buy a can of paint, but everything else we had at home. The drawer pull is made from a folding wooden rule that belonged to my father who did not live long enough to meet AJ. It's sentimental, as I know they would have had a special bond. We delivered it this week while visiting for Thanksgiving, and AJ loves it!

Coincidentally, a label inside the drawer stated the furniture was made in a Florida prison. I bought it in Virginia; it is now back in Florida!


drawer detail
love that sweet little arm...