Monday, January 16, 2012

A Frugal Friend

Splendid succulents.

We lived in Southern California from the mid-80's to the mid-90's. Last week, we went back for the wedding of our dear friends' daughter and I was reminded how many outdoor activities can be pursued year round there - including gardening. My friend Leslie of found a terrific set of shutters in an alley on trash day, and like any good trash picker, immediately stopped and loaded them in the back of her car. She had big plans! She took them home, and with her husband's assistance, backed them with plywood, mounted them around her patio, filled each louver with dirt and planted a variety of plants in them. Not only are they interesting and beautiful to look at, vertical gardening is a great plus in a community where yard space is limited. Bravo, Leslie!
What a lucky find - look how perfectly they fit the space.
Salad shutters just outside the kitchen door. Lettuces are on the right side; out of photo range are herbs and more.  

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  1. Absolutely amazing idea and it is so beautiful. I wish I had the patience to do something like this. Thanks yet again for sharing your creativity and know how.